Saturday, February 28, 2009

March's Spending Plan

I am going to regularly post information on next month's Spending Plan (budget) for several reasons. First, because it is relatively new for me to make a spending plan. Secondly, I believe when I post a spending plan the day before the new month, it helps me focus on creating this new vital habit and puts my spending plan on the forefront.

So last evening, I finally put my financial information on a great website. I found through other readers' comments on other blogs and I highly recommend it! Its layout and ease of accessing and entering information is fantastic.

As for my spending plan, I use a zero based budget, where every penny has a place to go. As with any spending plan, there will be adjustments throughout the month, as income and outgo changes.

March's Spending Plan has more money for my debt snowball because I paid off my last credit card last week! I will roll over this amount add it to the minimum on the next debt...the IRS! Other than that, all the other expenses are the usual. The best part is seeing the list of creditors I owe getting shorter and shorter!

Remember, do the Spending Plan! This is key to see where your money goes regularly. The financial websites will show patterns and give suggestions on where to save. But you are in control to live within your means and stick to your Spending Plan. This will help you on the road to financial freedom!

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