Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March is Underway

The month of March is well underway. St. Patricks Day is coming, the first day of spring is near and the hope of a better financial life lays ahead. What are you doing about your financial future this month to get out of debt, organize your money and get financially fit?

This is what I am doing...I have this month's spending plan on course, I have sold some more stuff on E-bay and Craigslist, I have signed up for overtime at work, and have accepted another teaching opportunity for this summer. All of these sacrifices of time and energy are going to be well worth it as I pay off debt, live within my means, and try to do everything I can to become debt free!

I started some herbs and vegetables indoors this past weekend with one of those small seed pod greenhouse. You can buy them at the large home improvement centers in your neighborhood. You just add water, watch the pods expand, and add your seeds. I keep the mini greenhouse indoors by the window. I planted tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini squash, onion and thyme. These should be sprouts by spring and will go in the vegetable garden to save on our grocery bill.

I also followed the bread recipe from The Simple Dollar, and made a great loaf of bread! Boy, the house smelled wonderful, and this morning's toast with jelly was delicious! Thanks Trent at The Simple Dollar for the great recipe! It cost very little to bake this delicious bread.

The spending plan is working well since I now am using Mint.com for my money management. I love this website! It is tracking my expenses, investments, assests, debt and even my monthly spending plan! I recommend it highly and it's free!

I also am enrolled in a second business. I am working from home in a network marketing business that is different than what I am used to. However, it is paying me weekly now, and I am putting this income towards my debt!

So between my regular job, my business, sales of stuff, and overtime, I am well on my way to debt freedom! Tell me how your journey is coming, and with the Month of March in full swing, take the time and do the little things that can change your life and make you financially fit!

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