Friday, March 20, 2009

Value of a Budget

It's been about three weeks since I began March's budget that is managed by and their free website. As I reviewed my spending plan on the site, I have noticed a spending pattern on several categories. Now this is where I can see where the money is ebbing and flowing, and where I have overspent! Yikes! It's amazing how quickly things add up! I wasted alot of money this month!

But, that is why tracking your spending allows you the ability to see where you overspend, underspend, or stay within your spending plan. I personally have overspent in the following categories:

Restaurants, groceries, gasoline, and pets. I know some of these are vital, but eating out and spending too much at the grocery store can be cut. Even the pet budget was over because we had the dog groomed instead of taking the time and shampooing her ourselves!

I can see why we justify spending too much. I earned extra money on overtime this month, and more is on the way. However, this will now go towards my debt snowball instead of eating out or spending outside of the spending plan. I now only have debt on back taxes, car loan, and a parent plus loan. After that we're debt free except for the house.

The website and my spending plan will help us shape up for a better future for me and my family on our way to being debt free by the end of this year!

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